We are so grateful when we receive feedback from the families we sponsor.  We love hearing how AFEF has helped you learn and grow!  If you have received a sponsorship, please tell us your story.  We would love to hear it!  You can submit your AFEF story to apply@autismfef.org.  Please be sure to let us know if we can feature your testimonial here on the website so others can see how we can help them!

“I did a lot of reading and research when my son was first diagnosed with autism. four years ago, so the experts at the autism conference really brought me up to speed with the latest scientific research and information. They pointed me to the resources I need to help my son. I walked away with information and ideas that I can use throughout the entire year. I thank Autism Family Education Fund for this opportunity.”

M.J. Simpson 2018 Scholarship Recipient

“My husband Michael and I attended our first autism conference ever, partly due to the scholarship from the Autism Family Education Fund. It meant so much to my Michael and I that there was support for deserving family members, affected by autism. We made some great connections and left feeling encouraged for what the future holds!”

Marianne Koehl 2018 Scholarship Recipient

“The conference was an exciting event to attend. As a parent of a 16 year old daughter diagnosed with autism, I sat with some amazing people in attendance and we shared experiences and found encouragement. From great vendors, atmosphere, speakers and networking: I came away with a better sense of my role as a parent navigating life with my daughter.”

2018 Scholarship Recipient

“I want to thank you for the sponsorship to attend an autism conference. Our son was recently diagnosed, and everything I learned about autism and how to help my son and family cope and thrive through all that is priceless! We cannot thank you enough, because we really needed help and it came at the perfect time!“

2018 Scholarship Recipient